Agreement between Faes Farma and Mitelos to market OtiFaes Borisec® in Spain

June 9, 2020.- OtiFaes Borisec® ear spray helps prevent acute external otitis, also known as “swimmer's ear”. This pathology consists of an infection, normally of bacterial origin, of the skin in the external auditory canal. The main triggering factor is remaining moisture excess (due to daily hygiene, water sports, very humid environments or climates, excessive sweating, etc.), which can often be aggravated with concomitant small wounds to the ear canal caused by scratching or manipulation with foreign objects. External otitis can be painful and can manifest as inflammation of the external ear canal, suppuration, itching, etc.

The components of OtiFaes Borisec® facilitate drying of excess moisture, allow the recovery of physiological pH and protect the skin from the external ear canal; all these three properties contributing to preventing infection.

This is the third agreement between the companies that adds products to Faes Farma ENT portfolio, after OtiFaes Taponox® spray and OtiFaes Taponox® ear drops. ORL is a strategic specialty for Faes Farma, with significant commercial and research activity.

Ear care is essential to avoid hearing problems and infections. Acute external otitis is one of the main reasons for consultation in both primary care and ENT emergencies.

OtiFaes Borisec® is already available in pharmacies now that we can enjoy beaches and outdoor water sports. It comes in a 30 mL bottle, including the ergonomic push button ear spray, which allows for convenient administration. OtiFaes Borisec® does not require a prescription.

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