Faes Farma and Mitelos announce agreement to commercialize OtiFaes Taponox® in Spain

September 20, 2016.-Faes and Mitelos will make OtiFaes Taponox® available to doctors and patients.This represents a therapeutic alternative for treating impacted ear wax. OtiFaes Taponox® otic spray helps to remove impacted ear wax from the ear canal thanks to its formulation, which is oil-free and helps the ear to maintain the proper pH. OtiFaes Taponox® which is due to go on sale by Faes Farma, has been developed, registered and manufactured by Mitelos.

Through this agreement for Spain and Portugal, Faes Farma will add yet another product to its ENT portfolio, a specialty in which it has significant commercial and research activity.

Caring for and cleaning the ears is essential to prevent hearing problems and infections. It is estimated that one in twenty adults at some point in their life will experience impacted ear wax. This figure rises to one in three people in the elderly population.

In addition to its cerumenolytic action, OtiFaes Taponox® benefits patients with associated risk factors that make them more prone to otitis externa, such as those with dermatological conditions (eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.) and immunosuppression, and users of headphones and hearing aids.

In pharmacies in the Spanish market for cerumenolytic products, more than one million units are sold each year.

OtiFaes Taponox® comes in a 45-mL dosage form, including an ergonomic, push-button otic spray, which enables the correct amount to be used in each dose. OtiFaes Taponox® does not require a doctor’s prescription.

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