Mylan and Mitelos agree to launch Zelium, the new therapeutic alternative to prevent the complications of diabetic foot

Madrid, 31 January, 2017.- Mylan and Mitelos have signed a collaboration agreement to provide Zelium to patients in Spain. Zelium is a medical device that provides therapeutic alternative to prevent the complications of diabetic foot, and that will be available soon in Spain. The diabetic foot is the result of complications of diabetes mellitus when the disease is not well controlled. In advanced phases, it can manifest itself as an infection, ulceration or destruction of the tissues, related to neurological alterations and different degrees of peripheral vascular disease in lower extremities. Zelium reduces dehydration of the skin surface, keeping the skin smooth and flexible. Zelium creates a barrier that protects the skin, both healthy and irritated, reduces friction and soothes sensible skin. At the same time, this product creates an emollient barrier to calm and protect cracked and dry feet in patients with diabetes. Foot care is an essential healthcare habit in diabetic patients to prevent additional complications that can cause new health problems and reduce the quality of life. Zelium is presented in sterile 100ml spray that can be used in any angle thanks to its “bag-on-valve” technology. With this technology it is not necessary to touch the skin to apply it, so the bacteria transmission risk is minimized. Zelium does not require medical prescription. Zelium is a product manufactured by Aurena Laboratories, whose licence belongs to Mitelos and which will be distributed by Mylan.