Farmoquímica del Pacífico and Mitelos announce an agreement for the commercialization in Chile of OTIBLOCK®




 Santiago (Chile) – Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain); July 6th, 2018.

According to this agreement, Farmoquímica del Pacífico, a family-owned pharmaceutical company with more than 150 years of history and Mitelos, a business-to-business company focused on innovation, announced that they have reached an agreement that grants the former the exclusive rights to market OTIBLOCK® in Chile.



With this launch, Farmoquímica del Pacífico expands its product portfolio reaching the entire country through pharmacies and private health institutions and directly providing clinics, hospitals and the national supply centre (CENABAST).

On the other hand, Mitelos expands the list of countries in which the product is already marketed or will be launched soon to the market in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

OTIBLOCK® helps to eliminate excess earwax from the ear canal thanks to its oil-free formulation and maintaining a pH consistent with the physiology of the ear.

The care of the ears is essential to prevent hearing problems. It is estimated that 5% of adults and 10% of children at some point in their lives will suffer from the formation of earwax plugs. This figure rises up to 30% in patients with cognitive impairment.

OTIBLOCK® is presented in a 45 mL bottle spray including an ear adapter and an ergonomic push-button that allow correct self-administration by the patient.

About Farmoquímica del Pacífico

Farmoquímica del Pacífico (FQP) is the family pharmaceutical laboratory with the most experience in Chile and one of five in Latin America. Founded on May 24, 1834 by the Italian pharmacy professor Antonio Puccio, FQP has a history that goes hand in hand with the historical events of the country being pioneers in the national pharmaceutical industry.

For more information;   + 56-2-2833 08 02

About Mitelos

Founded in 2013 in Barcelona, Mitelos is a private and independent company that develops registers and manufactures medical devices and dietary supplements. Mitelos also provides third-party business development services to help its clients achieve their growth objectives.

For more information; Tel.: +34 935 481 858

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Farmoquímica del Pacífico and Mitelos announce an agreement for the commercialization in Chile of OTIBLOCK®