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Farmoquímica del Pacífico and Mitelos announce an agreement for the commercialization in Chile of OTIBLOCK®




 Santiago (Chile) – Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain); July 6th, 2018.

According to this agreement, Farmoquímica del Pacífico, a family-owned pharmaceutical company with more than 150 years of history and Mitelos, a business-to-business company focused on innovation, announced that they have reached an agreement that grants the former the exclusive rights to market OTIBLOCK® in Chile.


Opportunity in Tuberculosis

Mitelos is looking for distributors for a product able to induce the balanced immune response that diminish the risk of acquiring TB. Its production is based in the elaboration of a heat-killed culture of an environmental micobacteria belonging to the family of Mycobacterium fortuitum complex (new species: Mycobacterium manresensis). The final active ingredient is a powder with a known concentration of a low dose heat-killed bacteria plus an excipient. After giving it daily for 14 days, it has been demonstrated that is able to stop the progression towards active Tuberculosis in preclinical assays.

Opportunity in Musculo-skeletal products/Sports Medicine

Mitelos is looking for distributors at local, regional or worldwide level (with the sole exception of some European markets) for an OTC topical product range composed of a biopolymer that addresses the prevention and relief of minor injuries secondary to the sports practice.
If your company has marketing expertise in this segment or wishes to develop so, please, contact us.

Opportunity in Odontology/oral health

Mitelos is looking for Latin American distributors for a high tech, patent protected line of products in the field of odontology and oral health. These products, indicated in the management of gingivitis, periodontitis, gum traumas induced by orthodontics and prosthesis, post-extractions, etc. are being marketed already in many countries with good success.
They are designed and suitable both for patient use and for Odontologist’s office use as well.
If your company is operating in the mentioned territories and has marketing expertise in oral care or wishes to develop so, please, contact us.