A glimpse into the future of pharmacy: insights from Infarma 2024

A few days ago, Mitelos attended Infarma. This annual event, which alternates between Barcelona and Madrid, combines the European pharmacies conference with the consumer health and parapharmacy exhibition. Our observations centered on the evolving landscape of pharmacy, where self-care and lifestyle products have taken center stage.


The European pharmacy meeting

The badge of being the European pharmacy meeting is proudly worn by Infarma. Professionals from the pharmaceutical industry gather to share experiences, update their knowledge, and explore business opportunities. This year, the spotlight was on Madrid.

Self-care’s ascendance

The exhibition floor buzzed with activity, revealing a remarkable surge in self-care offerings. From luxurious cosmetics to essential dietary supplements, cutting-edge medical devices, and lifestyle products, the pharmacy has transformed beyond its traditional role. It now serves as a hub for discovery, selection, recommendation, and lifestyle enhancement.

Beyond medications: a lifestyle hub

medical devises

Gone are the days when pharmacies merely stocked medications. Today, they curate holistic experiences for customers:

1. Cosmetics galore: rows of skincare products beckon, promising radiant complexions and age-defying magic. The pharmacy has become a beauty haven where science meets indulgence.

2. Dietary supplements: shelves groan under the weight of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. The pharmacy caters to wellness enthusiasts seeking that extra boost for their health journey.

3. Medical devices: blood pressure monitors and wearable fitness trackers grace the shelves. it’s no longer just about prescriptions; it’s about empowering individuals to proactively monitor and care their health. Of course our products were represented there.

4. Lifestyle recommendations: pharmacists don the hat of lifestyle advisors, guiding customers on stress management, sleep hygiene, and nutrition. The pharmacy is a trusted source of well-being wisdom.

The unfolding future

Navigating the aisles, we glimpsed the future. The pharmacy is no longer a sterile counter; it’s a vibrant space where health intersects with lifestyle. This transformation extends beyond products—it’s about fostering a community of informed, empowered individuals.

So, the next time you step into your neighbourhood pharmacy, appreciate its evolution. It’s not just about prescriptions; it’s about embracing a healthier, more vibrant life—one product, one recommendation, and one lifestyle choice at a time.

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