Toothfriendly International will credit Mitelos

The company’s product WASHDENT® has qualified for the “Toothfriendly” certification after being tested at the Dental Institute of Zurich University in Switzerland and has the relevant expert’s statements affirming that it is safe for teeth. Toothfriendly International is a non-profit organisation with over 30 years’ experience in testing and certifying guaranteed Toothfriendly products.


The test that Toothfriendly International is referring to is the intraoral plaque-pH telemetry method used to measure the dental properties of foods and food ingredients.

WASHDENT® ( ) is currently being marketed in the United Kingdom and will be launched soon in 8 countries more.

Only products that are demonstrably safe for teeth may carry the Toothfriendly label. The validity of this test is generally recognized in the dental profession and is cited by reference in the US Code of Federal Regulations and in the EU Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims.

Without any doubt, this accreditation reinforces the attractiveness of the product to the eyes of the consumer. Consumers are increasingly seeking products with health credentials. One of the most effective ways to show consumers that products promote oral health is to signpost them with the Toothfriendly label.

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