OTIBLOCK ® ear drops in Israel, west Bank and Gaza

OTIBLOCK ® ear drops in Israel, west Bank and Gaza

RAZ Pharmaceutics and Mitelos agree to market OTIBLOCK ® ear drops in Israel, west Bank and Gaza. This represents a therapeutic alternative for treating impacted earwax.


OTIBLOCK ® ear drops helps to remove impacted earwax from the ear canal thanks to its formulation, which is oil-free and helps the ear to maintain the proper pH. OTIBLOCK ® which is due to go on sale by RAZ Pharmaceutics in the mentioned markets, has been developed by Mitelos. Israel, west Bank and Gaza

Through this agreement for the Israeli market, RAZ Pharmaceutics will add this product to its self-care portfolio, an area in which it has significant commercial activity.

Caring for the ears is essential to prevent hearing problems and other symptoms. It is estimated that one in twenty adults at some point in their life will experience impacted ear wax. This figure rises to one in three people in the elderly population.

In addition to its cerumenolytic action OTIBLOCK ® has been formulated to maintain the normal physiology of the outer ear.

The product is already sold in several markets worldwide, having achieved globalaccumulated sales of some 1.5 million units since its first launch in 2016.

OTIBLOCK ® comes in a 18mL dropper, which enables the correct and convenient administration to any patient above 3 years old.


About RAZ Pharmaceutics
Raz Pharmaceutics is part of Raz Progress Medical Supplies Ltd. is a private company that was founded in 1998 and is currently one of the largest companies in Israel in the field of importing and marketing consumables for the medical market.
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